Why Use Sterling

Why Use Sterling

We aim to get work done for our clients in a timely manner. For Annual Accounts and Tax Returns, the sooner we can get services completed the more time there is to prepare for any tax amount that will become due when deadlines are reached. Often it is useful to have information available before a year-end is reached to help make informed decisions based on reasonable likelihoods as there can be tax advantages to taking action before the end of the year. We are not claiming to be perfect but we are continuously striving to improve on or delivery. This is a two-way process and as such those clients that provide us with timely information facilitate our ability to completed services for them in a timely fashion.

Our clients are smart, clever people who use our skills and knowledge to save them time, save them tax, help give them control so they can get it right and improve their futures.


• Tax savings
• Better Control
• Time to make choices
• Better use of their time for other activities (including time off)

We strive to provide our clients with the right information at the right time to help them make informed decisions which are more likely to be the right decisions.


Once we have access to the data we need from our clients we sort it, check it, request any missing details, ask questions and make any adjustments that are required. Finally we can construct meaningful accounts, complete any returns/tax returns and deal with any other submissions that are needed.

With regards to access to data and gathering the information we need to provide our services, we operate in several different ways including the following:

• Shared access to clients cloud-based bookkeeping/accounts programmes (preferred)
• Some clients post information to us
• A few clients email information to us
• Other clients use file sharing services such as drop-box to give us access to information
• For a few local clients we collect their paperwork in person or they drop it to our office


Limited Companies

We deal with limited companies that have been incorporated in the UK under the Law of England and Wales.

Sole-Traders/the Self-Employed & Partnerships

We deal with a variety of businesses from trades people such as electricians, plumbers and mechanics through to business consultants, Web designers and Online Service providers.


There are some individuals that required by law to submit tax returns including Directors, Employees earning more than £100,000 per annum and anyone with untaxed income to declare. Some of our clients have complex requirements and others simply prefer to have their tax returns prepared and filed for them as they value keeping their time for other priorities.

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